Why Sweat is So Important to Your Fitness

fitness lifestyle blogMany of us don’t like to sweat, or at least we don’t like to admit it. The ruth, however, is that sweat isn’t gross. It’s crucial for your body and it’s a sign that you have worked hard for your fitness.

Sweat is crucial for staying alive

Your body is meant to be at an optimal 98.6 degrees and sweating helps us stay at that temperature. When you work out, your blood floow increases to get more oxygen to your muscles, which raises your temperature and triggers your sweat glands.

When you sweat, it evaporates off your skin and cools it in the process, thus lowering your core temperature. If you didn’t sweat, you would overheat in as little as 10 to 12 minutes. This can cause kidney problems, fainting, heat stroke and even death.

Sweat Fights Inflammation

Inflammation is terrible for your metabolism and cardiovascular fitness. Sweating, however, speeds up your heart to keep your blood flowing to your muscles. It also helps you produce more heat-shock proteins that repair other damaged proteins and call for the production of new and healthy proteins. They also block cells that cause inflammation in your body.

Sweat Provides Energy

If you sweat when you first start working out, it means you are fit. It means that you regulate your heat quickly and same up energy for the hard work ahead. IF you are used to sweating, you will also be better at conserving the salt your body needs to stave off fatigue, muscles cramps and keep your strength and energy up.

Sweat Helps you Recover Faster

IF you are sweating you are increasing your blood flow, which means that the metabolites produced by exercise induced damage to your muscles are carried away and out of your body. You want to sweat enough so that you are warm, but not enough to where you have to cut your workout short.

Sweating Keeps Your Liver Healthy

Although sweating will not detox you from a night of binge drinking, it does help protect the liver by helping it in the process of getting rid of the toxins from your body. This is particularly helpful for the alcohol-induced damage that your kidneys may have to contend with from time to time.

Sweating Will Help Guard You from Infection

Sweat contains an antibiotic called dermcidin, which is a natural antibiotic that can protect you from harmful pathogens such as staph infections, E. coli and more. This is really good, because the gym is filled with tons of different types of bacteria that can make you sick.

Sweat can Hydrate Your Skin

It’s true! Even though sweat can leave your body starving for water, it’s actually hydrating to your skin. Your body produces surface oil on your skin that, even after you have rinsed off, will remain to protect your skin from toxic and drying elements in the environment. Sweat can even act as a barrier against outside bacteria. In order to benefit, make sure you wash your face after your workouts, but don’t over wash your face. Do so only when you are sweaty and avoid stripping the natural protection and balance of your skin.

Sweat Can Help You Feel a Sense of Pride When You Complete Your Workouts

Being really sweaty helps shift your focus from the way you were looking or even feeling to the experience you have had and the work you put in to get that way. Getting really sweaty can help take your focus off being cute for a selfie or for the cute guy in the gym and help you focus on the really important part; getting your work in!

Sweating Can Leave You More Satisfied With A Workout

Sweat can provide immediate satisfaction. It gives you direct evidence of what you have accomplished. You will not be able to see immediate changes to your body. You will not suddenly have lost a bunch of weight or built up your muscles. You will not have diminished a dress size. However, you can get instant proof of your hard work from a sweat stained shirt and the dripping liquid evidence from your forehead.

Sweating Can Raise Your Sense of Pride

Studies have shown that just 20 minutes of an activity that makes you sweat will leave you feeling stronger and slimmer. It’s because, as we said earlier, you are more satisfied with the work you put in, but also, you will benefit from a release of endorphins. Putting in the work that causes you to sweat will help you see yourself in a new more positive light.

IF you are looking completely wrecked after a workout session, having no makeup and your hair crazy and dripping from sweat, but you focus on what you accomplished, it will change the way you look at yourself. It will help you feel more comfortable in your own skin and it will change the conversations you have with yourself.

Now you know what sweat means to you. Just be sure to do what it takes to get out there and break a sweat!

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