Tricks and Tips You can Easily do from your Home

Beauty tips and tips to make the most of your cosmetic products Shht… Don’t tell anyone and take note of the best beauty tricks to avoid disasters and prolong the life of your cosmetics.

beauty tips

1 eyebrows
If you have rebellious eyebrows and don’t have a specific cosmetic to control them, look for an unused toothbrush, spray it with a fixation spray and comb them.
They’ll be marked for hours.

2 If you don’t have a nail polish remover
And if you want to change the color of your nails, try this infallible trick: apply a new coat of nail polish to the nail polish and immediately afterward remove it with a cotton swab. The two coats of lacquer will disappear and you can repaint your nails.

3 Salty Scrub
If you want to remove dead skin cells from the skin, but you’ve run out of exfoliant, make one yourself! Add a little coarse salt to your body cream and apply the mixture in circular movements (avoid applying it to your face, as the skin is more sensitive). The result will surprise you.

4 Long lasting shadows
So that your eyeshadows will last the whole day, apply concealer over the entire eyelid, let it absorb and then make up.

5 A touch of light
The signs of fatigue will go down in history. After a very long day, refresh and correct your gaze by outlining the lower eye line with a nude pencil. You’ll get a brighter look and an air of vitality.

6 Decrease the pitch
If you are not convinced by the dye that has been made but you do not want to discolor it, we give you a solution to soften it: replace the usual shampoo with an antidandruff one; its formula rich in zinc drags pigments of color and helps you to recover the desired tone.

7 Squared hydration
An infallible trick for drier skin: apply a moisturizing cream all over the body and wrap the most affected areas with a transparent file. Leave for 20 to 30 minutes and remove. Your skin will be much more nutritious, soft and luminous.

8 Premiere hair
Once a week, give her an extra; after washing, apply a mask, pick it up at the top of the neck and cover the head with aluminum foil. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse again. Heat and occlusion will facilitate the penetration of the product by multiplying its benefits.

9 Eyeliner
Your eyeliner pencil has dried up and you don’t mark the line properly? Don’t buy a new one, bring yours close to a lighted bulb; the heat it provides will soften it and paint it again like the first day.

10 No dye stains
When you dye your hair at home, the skin around your forehead is stained. We’ll give you a trick to wipe it off; look for a dry sponge and rub it on the line between dye and skin with small circular motions and the stains will disappear.

11 Raise your skin tone
The secret of a good self-tanner is to get it to melt easily with your skin and leave a uniform color. If you mix it with a moisturizer, it will facilitate its application and achieve a more natural tone, while providing the skin with an extra treatment.

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