Smoking weed and impotence: Does smoking causes ED?

Weed is the most popular controlled substance worldwide. However, weed cigarette smokers often say mixed aspects of how having a spiff effects sex. When you smoke a joint, the active chemical tetrahydrocannabinol travels through your body. While the majority of the results take place in your brain, research study suggests that it can have a profound influence on the penis too. Smoking weed and impotence is a very famous duo, and also too much discussed topic as well.

Many concerned users are looking for ways to solve erectile dysfunction problems, but that is not an easy job. If you are a beginner, then you should read this, before you cause more damage to your body.smoking weed and impotence

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the continuous inability to get or sustain a chastening erection. There are many factors to this, but mostly smoking weed and impotence is the combo. Other factors that can trigger impotence as well as health concerns are: aging, tension, diabetes, poor blood flow, and kidney illness which contribute to lowered testosterone levels, which can result in lack of interest in sex.

Smoking weed and impotence

Smoking weed and impotence really happens, but still there are on-going trials in order for better explanation. Nevertheless, it can be connected to increase in prolactine production, which has also been connected to decrease in testosterone. This hormone is very important for processes such as erection, ejaculation and orgasm.

Men who smoke cannabis often have substantially less critical fluid, a lower overall sperm count and their sperm act unusually, all of which may impact fertility negatively.

How smoking weed and impotence happens

If you consume cannabis or alcohol in small amounts, the repressive impacts on sexual performance tend to be quite very little. You may actually experience a general efficiency boost with low dosages due to these drugs decreasing inhibitions and stimulating desire.

As far as strains are concerned, research study show how dangerous sorts of pot are in relation to erectile dysfunction. If you are a heavy consumer or you have been smoking pot for more than 10 years it is highly the possibilities of you not being able to have sexual relations with your partner. As you know, smoking weed and impotence is a well-known combination, so when partners become desperate of your inability to perform in the bedroom, the buy supplements similar to Rx24.

Negativities of using weed

As you know, weed is very dangerous simply because it contains high THC levels. Sure, it may be fun while you are young and hiding from everyone to smoke weed. But, as you proceed with it, you will notice that some of your functionalities are not as they used to be. This is why we will tell you how smoking and impotence are connected.

Young adults who utilize weed have higher chances of establishing signs of schizophrenia and also young people are more likely to have minimized white matter density. Marijuana chemicals are dangerous to healthy cells. The delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol chemicals in weed hinder acetylcholine function, which reduces heart rate and functions as an excitatory neurotransmitter. When depleted, acetylcholine can cause impotence and premature ejaculation problems.


We all know how hard is to give up on something you enjoy. However, we are not speaking about favorite food or snack, but of something more serious. Now that you know how smoking weed and impotence happen, you need to stop smoking immediately! Ask your doctor for medical treatment and in the meantime, try TestoUltra!

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