Natural Remedies to Darken Gray Hair

In addition to these resources, before the appearance of the first gray hair can resort to natural solutions that help to intensify the natural hair color and, therefore, disguise the presence of gray hair. Take note of the best ones according to the natural color of your hair.

Brown hair: Prepare an infusion of salvia with black tea in half a liter of water and use it to rinse the hair after washing, as it helps maintain the color brown. You can leave the hair to soak in this mixture and then rinse it again.

Dark hair: Rosemary helps darken hair and, therefore, reduce the visibility of gray hair that attracts so much attention in this type of hair. In this case, the infusion made with four tablespoons of rosemary for half a liter of water. It can be applied daily with a vaporizer, without the need to rinse it later.

Light hair: Perhaps it is the type of hair in which it is easier to conceal the gray hair. Of all it is known that chamomile or chamomile helps to lighten the hair, so its regular use favors that all hair is lighter and less gray hair.

You can make an infusion of chamomile with four tablespoons of the herb for half a liter of water, and use it to rinse the hair. And if you want it to acquire a more orange hue, you can mix it with two tablespoons of turmeric. An infusion of saffron is also another good alternative for light hair.

Reddish hair: In these cases, the best ally is henna, although there are those who use it by having another shade of hair for its effectiveness in covering gray hair, and because it is suitable for those who are allergic to dyes. The henna powder should be mixed with lemon juice until it results in a paste, and allowed to stand. The next day you reserve about four hours a day because after applying it all over the hair, you must wait for the mixture to act, and then rinse the head to remove all the remains of henna.

tips for your Gray hair

Cosmetic products to defeat gray hair

If more and more white or silver hairs populate your mane and your desire is to hide the gray hair completely, you have no choice but to resort to cosmetic products. You do not have to be afraid to use them, and although you can apply them yourself at home, the most convenient thing is for a professional to do it, or for you to alternate the visit to the hairdresser with the home application.

Today there are many non-aggressive alternatives for your hair that allow you to cover gray hair without the health of your hair suffering, as it is easy to find natural products without ammonia in the market or hairdressing salons. Let’s see some of these options:

Dyes: it is the most common and used solution, and offers different options to cover gray hair. One of them is to make reflections or fuses – that is, not to dye all the hair, but only some parts, with a lighter color – so that the gray hair can hide between them. For women, the California wicks are now very fashionable, a technique that consists in taking the darker root and the lighter tips, which means that you only have to touch up the root every so often.

Rinses, sprays, and foams: there are products that dye and cover the gray hair semi-permanently, that is, the color disappears with each wash, unlike the dye, which is necessary to reapply as the hair grows. They are solutions that go very well for specific moments, or to extend the visit to the hairdressing salon.

Powders: is a kind of makeup that covers both the hair of the head and the eyebrows without staining the skin, and are easily applied with a brush. They last until the next wash with shampoo, and you can find them in different shades.

Gray hair pencils: you have to have more skill to apply them. You need more precision, but its durability is higher than the powder option, and its price is accessible.

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