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What is nutrition and how has it evolved?

Nutrition is a science that is constantly expanding, exploring the link between life, health and nutrients, as nutrients are the vital chemical substance needed by our bodies for energy, growing, developing and repairing. The human body is very complex and partially it can be considered to be self-sufficient, as it has the ability to produce a variety of substances necessary to function properly. The body alone cannot fabricate the majority of the essential nutrients, oxygen and water. For this reason, they must be obtained from an external source. The foods we consume are the main source of nutrients and water.

A balanced and well-thought out diet leads to good health

A balanced and well-thought out diet leads to good health

Starving from lack of food is the same as a nutrient void diet as they both cause malnourishment, which negatively affects our bodily functions and increases risks for developing other illnesses. As a species, humans are omnivorous, which means that we have the ability to digest animal products and vegetables, as do many other species.

Early-day nutrition

In prehistoric times, people collected their food from roots, herbs, fruits, nuts and vegetables that were growing wild. On rare occasions, they would eat fish, this low calorie diet lead to eating more calories to maintain their health and acquire proper nutrition. Common life revolved around constantly looking for food and once discovered it was typically eaten right there. Deliberate hunting took place once they invented the appropriate tools for the task at hand.

In this time period, the human population at that time were nomads, travelling throughout the year depending on whether there was food in a certain area or not. Throughout the following centuries, this lifestyle continued like this until they discovered fire and cooking, as up till then they eat only raw foods. It is difficult to put an exact date when pre-historic men started using fire, but it is believed they had the means to make and use fire more than 40,000 years ago. After which, they began to eat vegetables or beans that were cooked for eating. Cooking grains made them easier to digest and lead to invention of new methods of preparing foods such as bread, which was a more concentrated source of calories.

These new preparation methods resulted in the need for collecting even more food than before and eating more frequently become a necessity. By the early 7,000 B.C. in Southeast of Asia, the people had developed the skills for acquiring their food sources by agriculture needs. This meant an end to the nomad way of life known to mankind at that time, as it become more and more common to cultivate plants and grain, sow and reap their own produce and raise their own animals for workforce and food. From this point forward the human diet became more varied.

Modern-day nutrition

For the last 25 years, United States of America has been considered to be a country full of malnourished citizens. As their main diet is based on high fats, refined starches, sugar and low quantities of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, that didn’t offer any real form of wholesome natural nutrition. The majority of Americans have access to a wide variety of foods, as the supermarkets sell not just fruits, vegetables, meat protein and dairy products but also a long list of processed foods that are jam-packed with fats, sugars, artificial flavors and chemical additives. These processed foods often have a long shelf life and can easily be stored in the supermarkets warehouse, plus the preparation time from package to your plate are often under 10 minutes. But, almost all types of processed foods are a very low-source of nutrients.

Food and our health

Eating good or good eating

Learning to distinguish the difference between healthy food choices and junk food is one of the key elements for wholesome nutrition. However, we still need to know how to make good choices when choosing from healthy foods, by basing our decision on the quantity of healthy nutrient vs. our bad eating habits.

The majority of people keep eating, even when they are not hungry but just because it is time to eat, so they eat. Others continue eating even after they are full because it looks good and smells delicious. Also, it is common that people eat just because they feel bored, anxiety or for emotional stress. Under these types of situations, it is difficult to judge whether humans have the innate ability to choose healthy foods over bad food choices. Experts have a divided opinion concerning the latter, if only healthy food choices were the only options available, then everyone would be capable of following a healthy diet.

In 1925, a study was conducted in a North American hospital that discovered that infants could distinguish between balanced and healthy diet from the foods provided, but human babies have a tendency to love sweet items. This characteristic trait most likely helped prehistoric men to distinguish between a mature piece of fruit and a not so ripe piece of fruit. However, we are surrounded with junk food and choosing processed sweets have unfavorable long-term health consequences.

Food and our health

After decades of treating diseases with medicines, nutrition is finally being used as a key element, in improving our health by professional and public healthcare providers for preventing diseases. These changes happened due to the fact the world finally comprehends that the majority of us are malnourished even in developed countries, despite being surrounded by food. This might sound surprising to hear, especially when a heavily obese man suffers from malnutrition because he lacks a balanced wholesome diet.

In poor countries, the lack of clean drinking water is responsible for a high-percentage of reoccurring diarrhea among children. It is estimated that diarrhea kills millions of children each year but only one child a year dies due to diarrhea in United States.

Lacking wholesome foods and vitamin deficiencies are common worldwide and can affect people of all ages. Also, health disorders such as obesity, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases are more and more common, all of which are directly related to an unhealthy and nutritionally, inadequate diet.

Worldwide, there are public health programs that help educate the overall population about good nutrition. In United States and Europe, the population is taking control of their diets and making better, healthier choices when it comes to eating and planning out their weekly menu, by reducing fats, dairy products, eggs and beef. At the same time, they are increasing their intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, plus whole grains.

11 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Relieving pain, disinfecting the skin, relaxing nerves, improving circulation and breathing are just some of the benefits that lavender essential oil provides. Lavender comes from the word ‘Lavare’ which in Latin means ‘to wash’, and has a very pleasant aroma.

The oil is obtained from the flowers of the plant of the same name by steam distillation technique. Lavender flowers have been used for a long time to make natural fragrances, its oil have been used to make perfumes, it is also used in aromatherapy and similar techniques. In addition, lavender oil can be mixed with other essential oils such as cedar, pine or nutmeg and the result is very good. Currently, lavender essential oil is frequently used in aromatherapy, gels, lotion, soaps and infusions.

Other health benefits of lavender essential oil

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Repel insects

The characteristic fragrance of lavender oil is very effective against mosquitoes, gnats or moths. When you want to be outdoors, apply lavender oil on the skin and you should be able to avoid insect bites. If an insect also stings it, apply lavender oil on the infected area and this will prevent inflammation by reducing infection and pain.

It helps with sleeping

If you have any difficulty falling asleep, lavender essential oil is used as an alternative treatment for insomnia. Several studies in older patients have shown how sleep is regulated when they replaced their normal medications for lavender oil drops on the pillow. The relaxing impact therefore causes the drugs to be replaced by the effects of the oil.

Hair treatment

Lavender oil is effective in the treatment against lice and nits, also prevents hair loss, this is important for those suffering from alopecia who should rub the scalp with lavender oil.

Improves circulation

An investigation concluded that aromatherapy, especially with lavender oil, has positive effects on blood circulation, in addition to lowering blood pressure so it is used in hypertensive patients. In other words, the organs increase their oxygenation as well as increasing brain activity, the skin looks softer and brighter and the risks of heart attack and other conditions related to poor circulation decrease.

Reduce anxiety and relieve stress

The Lavender oil aroma is a natural painkiller for anxiety and nerves, it is also useful to relieve migraines, depression, headaches and stress. The refreshing aroma puts an end to nervous exhaustion and tension while increasing mental activity, a study showed that those exposed to lavender oil showed a decrease in mental stress and anxiety, as well as an increase in their cognitive function.

Acne treatment

Among the most beneficial oils to treat acne, lavender essential oil is found by medical dermatologists and aromatherapy specialists as one of the best. This condition of the skin so uncomfortable that affects mainly adolescents in the stage of puberty, can also manifest in adults. These are red sores on the skin caused by an infectious bacteria in the sebaceous gland. When it cannot work properly secreting sebum on the face, it accumulates and the skin becomes irritated, infected and some sores appear leaving scars on the face. Lavender oil turns the bacteria without effect and helps regulate the secretion, it can also help to heal after the acne has already manifested, it can be used adding a little oil to other skin creams and the results will be noticed as a lot of relief and healing.

Improves digestion

The movement of food in the body is favored with lavender oil that also stimulates the production of gastric juices and bile, helping in the treatment of stomach pains, flatulence and diarrhea and vomiting.

Pain relief

Muscle pain, back pain, sprains and even rheumatism pain can be alleviated with joint massages that include lavender oil. A study on pain after a surgery determined that the mixture of lavender oil vapor in the patient’s oxygen considerably reduces the pain experienced, compared to those who only received oxygen after leaving a postoperative anesthesia.

It is a great diuretic

Lavender oil is also used to relieve urinary problems as it stimulates the production of urine while correcting the hormonal balance and decreases cystitis and inflammation of the bladder. If there are cramps related to these problems, it also sooths them.

Improvement of respiratory problems

There are a number of respiratory problems such as cough, asthma, congestion, flu or cold, including throat infections and bronchitis to name just a few that can be relieved thanks to the use of lavender essential oil. In these cases, lavender oil in the form of vapor is applied to the neck and chest. One option is to use vaporizers and cold inhalers to inhale lavender oil vapor, which can loosen phlegm and relieve congestion. It also has antibacterial properties that help fight against respiratory problems.

Increase immunity system

The essential oil of lavender used regularly has an antiviral and antibacterial effect that makes our body better resistant to some threats such as tuberculosis and diphtheria, although this does not in any way replace a formal immunization plan.

Essential Care

As with any treatment, special attention should be given to pregnant or lactating women. It is advisable to avoid its use in these cases, the same with patients who suffer from diabetes. As with all treatment this particular one should not be excessive, so if you feel nausea, vomiting or your skin reacts to oil, you should discontinue its use immediately.

For more info, please visit this article about aromatherapy in

NOTE: Never ingest the oil, only inhaled through aromatherapy or applied to the skin, ingestion can cause serious problems.

4 key elements to improve memory

A strong memory depends on the health and vitality of your brain. Whether you are a student studying for final exams, a professional worker interested in doing everything possible to keep you mentally sharp, or an older person wanting to preserve and enhance your gray matter as you get older. There are a lot of things you can do to improve memory and mental performance, so we will see in the 4 key elements to improve memory.

how to improve memory

By the time that you reach adulthood, your brain has developed millions of neural pathways that help you process and retrieve information quickly, solve family problems, and perform familiar tasks with a minimum of mental effort. But if you always adhere to these beaten paths, you are not giving your brain the stimulus it needs to keep growing and developing.

Memory, like muscle strength, requires you to “use it or lose it.” While more you exercise your brain, the better you will be able to process and recall information. But not all activities are the same. The best exercises for the brain break the routine and challenge you to use and develop new brain pathways.

Four key elements give activity to the brain and improve memory

  1. Learn something new. No matter how intellectually demanding is an activity, if it is something that is no longer new, it is not a good brain exercise. The activity has to be something unknown and outside your comfort zone. To strengthen the brain you need to keep learning and developing new skills.
  2. Raise a challenge. Driving better brain activity will always require your full attention. It is not enough that you find challenging activities. It always has to be something that requires mental effort. For example, learn to play a new difficult piece of music.
  3. Build a skill. Look for activities that allow you begin at an easy level and as you work you will notice that your skills improve and everything with repetitions. Always give your best effort to improve the capabilities. When the level is already difficult and you start to feel comfortable it means that it is time to address the next level of performance.
  4. The rewarding rewards. The awards support the learning process of the brain. You are more likely to want to pay more if the benefits are greater. So you must choose the activities that although difficult remain pleasing and satisfying by the type of rewards that are not necessarily material.

Think of something new that you have always wanted to try, like learning to play guitar, pottery, juggling, playing chess, speaking French, tango dancing, or mastering the swing technique in golf. Any of these activities can help you improve your memory as long as you stay challenged and committed. You can also integrate into your life supplements such as the Brain Plus IQ that strengthen the brain by developing its learning and memory capabilities without limits.

Exercise Tips for the Brain

Aerobic exercise is particularly good for improving memory, so choose activities that keep your blood pumping better. In general, everything that is good for the heart is great for your brain.

Exercise in the morning before starting the day makes a big difference. In addition to cleaning the cobwebs, it also prepares you for learning throughout the day.

Physical activities that require eye-hand coordination or complex motor skills are particularly beneficial for brain building.

Resting between exercises helps you to end fatigue and avoid mental depression. Even a short walk or a couple of jumps may be enough to restart the brain and get true mental power.

Know a little More about calories

People mostly refer to calories when we talk about diets but they do not really know what it is. We must know that each calorie is a clear measure of energy that your body can get when you consume some food.

Calories are a measure of energy that our body requires, when some product says that it contains more than 100 calories, this only means that that can be the portion that you will get when consuming that food. Actually these are not bad, because they only give energy to our system; the problem is to consume more of than we can spend.

calories a day

The Benefits of Getting the Calories Needed

As I said before, consuming calories is not usually bad, it will only be considered that way when you exceed the amount due. It is since if you eat a lot of calories, you could put your health at risk, increasing the weight considerably.

Eating low-calorie products could help you not gain weight and make it easier to lose weight considerably. We can say that, for example, peanuts have a high percentage of calories, but it works correctly with our body because it nourishes us if we consume it in the proper measure.

If you want to know how many of these you bring to your body is simple, you should only see a food information label, which lets you know how many calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fat has said product.

For what the body uses

Our body requires certain calories to function properly. The body uses calories to have energy during the day, to be active in every day activity. We can say that it benefits when all of these are burned, as, as I said earlier, it uses each of these to produce its own energy.

If the body does not burn each and every one of the calories, it will only increase in weight, which we do not want, which is why it is not a bad idea to consume a little less of these to make our system work properly.

Healthy Diets Contain “Many” Calories

Healthy diets contain a certain amount of calories, of course, which are not many. However, they are necessary for each body in daily activity. The best thing to do is to go to a nutritionist, specialist in the field, who can collaborate with your food development.

Changing the food is not as simple as it seems, we can say that it is a complete challenge. Really what we look for with this information is that you try to see you motivated to look good and healthy. With this we do not mean that you will see results in just one day, because it is not so, but we guarantee that you will be a much healthier human being.

Balance is important when losing weight. We can not expose ourselves, but we can achieve what we want if we propose it from the heart. Do not miss the opportunity to look good. Do not consume too many calories, try to achieve stability and remember that thanks to them your body works perfectly.

Having balanced nutrition is critical to health

First, nutrition emphasizes the procedure by which the body digests a number of nutrients based on the food that you eat daily. These nutrients are the product of a spontaneous phenomenon, for example the digestive process, the retention or accumulation of nutrients in the blood through the digestive tract and the acceptance of them through the body.

It is for this reason that thanks to this phenomenon carried out through nutrition, people acquires the energy required to perform the rest of the fundamental functions, in addition to performing daily activities.nutritionist

What you Should consider about nutrition

La alimentación bien proporcionada puede darte los mejores resultados. Una alimentación balanceada o equilibrada puede asegurarte un correcto funcionamiento tanto físico como mental. Esto si consumes los productos adecuados y necesarios para que el organismo funcione de forma correcta. Además, eso disminuirá el riesgo de que sufras de alguna enfermedad producto de una mala alimentación.

Nutrition is a specialty that look the substantial analysis of each of the foods an individual consumes daily, what are the benefits of each of these, and what they cause our body at the time of eating, and when you begin the process of digestion.

Well-proportioned food can give you the best results. A balanced or balanced diet can ensure a correct functioning both physical and mental. This if you consume the right products and necessary for the body to function properly. In addition, that will reduce the risk of suffering from illness due to poor diet.

Importance of nutrition

As I said earlier, a diet based on vegetables, fruits, vegetables, proteins and few simple absorption carbohydrates can make your body function properly and balanced. We could say that having or knowing about healthy diets can make it easier for us to have in our body a completely developed nutrition without any problems.

We know perfectly well that nutrition is part of our health, it is for this reason, that the daily intake of basic nutrients, in addition to performing some physical exercise, is the main habit that a human being should have, in order to be people with good health, And a developed mental and physical state. Everything is about wanting to change the way you live.

Health is important, and most of the time this is based on food, on what we eat everyday

We can say that if a person does not consume the necessary nutrients and vitamins can at any moment suffer from any illness or illness.

Having a balanced diet is important for good nutrition

Having a balanced or balanced diet is becoming more complicated, which leads to unbalanced nutrition and quite complicated.

However, if you maintain with healthy diets, low in calories and fats, your health will probably be stable and balanced.

Ideally, you go to a nutrition center, where a professional will help you choose the best solution to have a correct intake of important and beneficial foods for your body, and your health.

Take a little more care of your nutrition and you will have impressive results in terms of your body stability, avoid junk foods and improve your way of life.

Smoking weed and impotence: Does smoking causes ED?

Weed is the most popular controlled substance worldwide. However, weed cigarette smokers often say mixed aspects of how having a spiff effects sex. When you smoke a joint, the active chemical tetrahydrocannabinol travels through your body. While the majority of the results take place in your brain, research study suggests that it can have a profound influence on the penis too. Smoking weed and impotence is a very famous duo, and also too much discussed topic as well.

Many concerned users are looking for ways to solve erectile dysfunction problems, but that is not an easy job. If you are a beginner, then you should read this, before you cause more damage to your body.smoking weed and impotence

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the continuous inability to get or sustain a chastening erection. There are many factors to this, but mostly smoking weed and impotence is the combo. Other factors that can trigger impotence as well as health concerns are: aging, tension, diabetes, poor blood flow, and kidney illness which contribute to lowered testosterone levels, which can result in lack of interest in sex.

Smoking weed and impotence

Smoking weed and impotence really happens, but still there are on-going trials in order for better explanation. Nevertheless, it can be connected to increase in prolactine production, which has also been connected to decrease in testosterone. This hormone is very important for processes such as erection, ejaculation and orgasm.

Men who smoke cannabis often have substantially less critical fluid, a lower overall sperm count and their sperm act unusually, all of which may impact fertility negatively.

How smoking weed and impotence happens

If you consume cannabis or alcohol in small amounts, the repressive impacts on sexual performance tend to be quite very little. You may actually experience a general efficiency boost with low dosages due to these drugs decreasing inhibitions and stimulating desire.

As far as strains are concerned, research study show how dangerous sorts of pot are in relation to erectile dysfunction. If you are a heavy consumer or you have been smoking pot for more than 10 years it is highly the possibilities of you not being able to have sexual relations with your partner. As you know, smoking weed and impotence is a well-known combination, so when partners become desperate of your inability to perform in the bedroom, the buy supplements similar to Rx24.

Negativities of using weed

As you know, weed is very dangerous simply because it contains high THC levels. Sure, it may be fun while you are young and hiding from everyone to smoke weed. But, as you proceed with it, you will notice that some of your functionalities are not as they used to be. This is why we will tell you how smoking and impotence are connected.

Young adults who utilize weed have higher chances of establishing signs of schizophrenia and also young people are more likely to have minimized white matter density. Marijuana chemicals are dangerous to healthy cells. The delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol chemicals in weed hinder acetylcholine function, which reduces heart rate and functions as an excitatory neurotransmitter. When depleted, acetylcholine can cause impotence and premature ejaculation problems.


We all know how hard is to give up on something you enjoy. However, we are not speaking about favorite food or snack, but of something more serious. Now that you know how smoking weed and impotence happen, you need to stop smoking immediately! Ask your doctor for medical treatment and in the meantime, try TestoUltra!

Mental Focus Supplements: How do they work?

The majority of us are currently consuming mental focus supplements every day in the foods we eat. However, while our brain chemistry is certainly progressed to make the most of psychedelic compounds from dietary sources, these amounts are usually insufficient to provide remarkable cognitive increases. Exceptional brain supplements can assist bridge the space.

Mental focus supplements

What are focus supplements?

Mental focus supplements are usually tablets which help you focus better. They also help to increase your concentration and energy levels and among the three best characteristics is also the ability to help with attention deficit disorder. You probably drink coffee on regular basis, and you did not know that it is one of the best natural supplements. However, when you do not have time to prepare drinks and special foods, you can have a natural brain enhancer, which you should carefully choose. We suggest trying Brain Plus IQ, since its effects are already proven.

Mental focus supplements

Research has revealed that taking the right mental focus supplements can help your brain’s health and wellness, and also to protect you against psychological decline in the future. But, selecting the best supplements can sometimes represent a challenge.

There are actually numerous specific nutrients to select from: vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and phytonutrients and countless combination of components. Discover the finest supplement to take largely, depends on the results you are looking for. Are you looking for concentration or memory improvement? Do you want to avoid age-related decline? Some of the brain enhancers are so effective that you will not need a prescription from your doctor, to start using them.

How to pick mental focus supplements

Mental focus supplements have been a substantial increase in the previous years or so of making use of natural focus and concentration booster supplements to enhance an individual’s capability to stay alert for longer durations of time.

Focus booster supplements will have a variety of types of brain booster vitamins and brain enhancing amino acids in them. These vitamins and amino acids work together to increase neurotransmitter activity, which in turn improves concentration period and memory recall.

Because many of the most efficient mental focus supplements for improving concentration have a set of number of natural boost vitamins in them, it is challenging to establish which of them is the most active focus booster or whether it is a mix of some of them that are producing the total outcome.

Benefits of mental focus supplements

Mental focus supplements have numerous benefits, maybe we have mentioned a few, but here is how they actually work.

For young and grow ups and the elderly alike, a better memory is always helpful. Many nootropics are particularly created to prevent the kind on neurological destruction that causes Alzheimer’s senile dementia, and Parkinson’s. Young individuals can keep material more efficiently when using memory enhancing nootropics. Some clever drugs are better used for short-term working memory, while others run with longer term effects.

Some nootropics enhance cognitive function by improving mood and minimizing anxiety. In numerous studies reduced anxiety lead to greater test efficiency for variety of cognitive indications, including short term and long lasting memory.


Mental focus supplements are the best way to increase memory and to treat brain dysfunctionalities. Always choose supplements which are based on natural ingredients and are not dangerous for use. Start with smaller dose and if you do not feel the desired effects, slowly increase it.

Learn how to make CBD oil from Cannabis in a few steps

CBD oil is growing its popularity since it has been successfully used treating numerous conditions. If you have been wondering how to make CBD oil from Cannabis, then you have a chance to find out if you stay with us.

What exactly is CBD oil?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol which belongs to the 85 compounds discovered in the medical marijuana. CBD oil is the item of extracting CBD-rich oil from marijuana or hemp plants. Individuals decide to take CBD oil for lots of beneficial factors. Some of the most common uses of CBD are for general wellness and after a long and complete day full with stress. If for some of these reasons, you have always wanted to make your own oil at home, you have a chance to find out how to make CBD oil from to make CBD oil from Cannabis

How to make CBD oil from Cannabis

We will tell you how to make CBD oil from Cannabis, but first let’s see how this plant can help you and the ones you know. By making your edible marijuana at home, you can be sure that no THC components are present.

If you successfully create CBD oil, you can enjoy the benefits. Many people suffering from cancer, epilepsy, persistent pain, arthritis, joint discomfort, insomnia, muscle spasms, persistent hunger and so on, have tried it and have managed to beat these diseases.

How to make CBD oil from Cannabis home

As promised, we will tell you how to make CBD oil from Cannabis at your own place. Here is what you will need:

  • Around 30 grams of ground buds or 30-100 grams of dried trim
  • 4 liters of grain alcohol or other safe alcohol
  • Ceramic bowl or glass
  • Fine strainer such as cheesecloth or nylon stockings
  • Catchment container
  • Double boiler
  • Wooden spoon, silicon spatula, plastic syringe

The process:

We mentioned the ingredients that are necessary, and now find out how the process goes. First double check, and make sure you have everything necessary, and then begin. Clean the place before cooking, because you do not want any contamination.

Cover the plant material in the mixing bowl with alcohol and stir for 3-5 minutes with the wooden spoon to excel the resin. Make sure the bowl can quickly include both the raw product and the solvent.

Filter the liquid into the screen and gather this very first raw extraction into the catchment container, squeezing out as much liquid as possible. The stirring and filtering procedure can be duplicated with brand new batch of solvent to extract as much compounds as possible from the plant matter.

Pour the strained liquid into the double boiler and heat until it starts to bubble. Let all the alcohol evaporate without increasing the temperature level. Keep the heat at minimum or turn it on and off properly. Keep stirring and do not let the liquid become too hot. As the alcohol evaporates, scrape the bowl with the silicon spatula.

How to keep the CBD oil

After showing you how to make CBD oil from Cannabis, you might also want to know how to keep it. You can keep it in syringes or put it in dark airtight containers. The CBD oil extraction with alcohol is a safe method and the products are ideal for intake.


After teaching you how to make CBD oil from Cannabis, it is important to say that the medical marijuana plant is not legal everywhere. Make sure you use it for right purposes and take small dosage each day. In addition, if you are satisfied with the end result, you can also try Pure CBD.